fine [adj1] excellent, masterly accomplished, aces*, admirable, attractive, beautiful, capital, choice, cool*, crack*, dandy*, elegant, enjoyable, exceptional, expensive, exquisite, fashionable, first-class, first-rate, first-string, five-star*, gilt-edged*, gnarly*, good-looking, great, handsome, lovely, magnificent, mean, neat*, not too shabby*, ornate, outstanding, pleasant, rare, refined, select, showy, skillful, smart, solid, splendid, striking, subtle, superior, supreme, top, top-notch, unreal*, well-made, wicked*; concepts 528,574,579 —Ant. bad, poor fine [adj2] cloudless, sunny balmy, bright, clarion, clear, clement, dry, fair, pleasant, rainless, undarkened; concept 525 —Ant. cloudy, dark, rainy, stormy fine [adj3] dainty, delicate; sheer diaphanous, ethereal, exquisite, filmy, fine-drawn, finegrained, fine-spun, flimsy, fragile, gauzy, gossamer, gossamery, granular, impalpable, light, lightweight, little, loose, minute, porous, powdered, powdery, pulverized, quality, slender, small, thin, threadlike, transparent; concepts 491,606 —Ant. coarse, rough, thick fine [adj4] discriminating, exact abstruse, acute, clear, critical, cryptic, delicate, distinct, enigmatic, esoteric, fastidious, fine-spun, hairline, hairsplitting, intelligent, keen, minute, nice, obscure, petty, precise, pure, quick, recondite, refined, sensitive, sharp, sterling, strict, subtle, tasteful, tenuous, trifling, unadulterated, unpolluted; concept 557 —Ant. awkward, crude, uncouth, undiscriminating, unrefined fine [n] penalty in money amends, amercement, assessment, damages, forfeit, mulct, punishment, reparation, rip; concept 123 —Ant. amends, award, compensation, reimbursement, reward fine [v] penalize in monetary way alienate, amerce, confiscate, dock*, exact, extort, hit with*, levy, make pay, mulct, pay through the nose*, punish, sconce, seize, sequestrate, slap with*, tax, throw book at*; concepts 122,342 —Ant. award, compensate, reimburse, reward

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